An Introduction to Linguistics: on micro linguistics and language competence

Linguistics is compulsory when a person is going to learn a language. As generally known, a person is said as good-in-english or good-in-Arabic through his/her ability of assessing four language skills. those are reading, listening, speaking, and writing. In order to be able to manage the four skills, linguistic elements are relevant to be your fundamental base.

To master reading and writing skills, we must have at least a set of good sentence structure and vocabularies. In line with this, syntax and morphology are part of micro linguistics which play an important role to your A score reading and writing.

So do listening and speaking skills. the speaker must have a set of good speech production, and understandable/received pronunciation. Thus, the study on phonetics and phonology is an absolute requirement for you.

As said by Malinowski, that the highest measurement of language understanding is discourse, it is necessary for you to cope with the study of meaning. you need a set of good understanding semantic and pragmatic system. This world has been suffered from conflicts created from provocation, implicatures, and the lack of critical thinking. Hereby, your understanding is a lot to train during your pragmatics and semantics lecturing.

to be continued, the use of macro linguistics

happy day linguistics fellows!Image


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